Kevin has a rare ability to cut through jargon and avoid superfluous technical explanation, explaining complex ideas to us in a straightforward manner. His insightful advice has genuinely contributed to the success of our business. He has kept our team aware of the latest developments in website design and user patterns, ensuring our sites remain fresh and usable.

The SEO guidance has been invaluable to ECI and has directly led to more effective sites that are able to generate increased traffic and income. Kevin has also stressed the importance of social media, and helped us to make full use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. He has also been very keen to encourage a culture of high-quality blog writing from within our team and to this end has provided much help and focused advice.

It is extremely useful to have Kevin’s honest and objective opinions on all things web design, SEO and social media but as a business owner I have also benefited from his interest in marketing and management best-practices. He challenges me to produce the best work I can through a mix of brutal frankness, energetic encouragement, patience and a sense of humour. He is committed to getting the best results for ECI out of a genuine desire to see our company reach its potential.

Kevin’s attention to detail, professionalism, perfectionist qualities and hands-on support form the standard by which I would judge all other consultants.

Marie Harris, Owner, Edu-Culture Immersion

Given that I’m a self-confessed techno klutz, I could not have been in better hands than Kevin’s. Not only did he simplify the process of setting up my website, the result, and the price were far better than I ever anticipated. Punctuality, integrity and a personable approach came as a welcome bonus.

David Evans, Author, DavidEvansAuthor.co.uk

Kevin was already contracted by Geo when I joined, having proven his SEO consultancy skills to the company. I was impressed with his obvious passion and expertise, but also with his ability to engage with us as much or as little as is required. Since my joining, he has assisted us with our PPC and organic ranking strategies, as well as training my team on optimising our website. He has a calm and logical approach and a sensible, jargon-free explanation for everything, and he is genuinely reliable and personable.

Karen Quinn, Head of Marketing Communications, Geo Networks Limited

It’s all too easy to both get lost and carried away when developing a website. The temptation is to go with popular and cheap hosting, when what you really need is something specific to your business needs. Kevin has this behind the scenes knowledge to make sure your site is in the right place and on the right platform.

It’s equally possible to overcomplicate your website because of all the cool things you’ve seen in other places. Kevin’s solid advice kept me on the straight and narrow, not afraid to tell me that I was wrong, and also to inspire me to go that extra step to make the site that much better.

He’s that voice of knowledge and experience chipping away at your consciousness—the voice that you should listen to, because he knows what you don’t, which after all is why you should be hiring him. Kevin will be sticking around to make sure that I don’t lose focus. And I welcome his involvement in my future plans.

Mark Settle, Owner, DJWorx.com

I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin since 2009, when I began working for Edu-Culture International, and he has been an invaluable asset. He combines his talent as web designer and SEO consultant with clear communication and an understanding of how to help a small business succeed in the modern online marketplace. I have appreciated Kevin’s support and help over the years, and would highly recommend his work.

William Wardlaw, Information Systems & Social Media Manager, Edu-Culture Immersion

Thorough and knowledgeable, Kevin has been an invaluable asset to ECI as an expert in website production and SEO management. His skills are remarkable, and his attention to detail and personable manner have enabled us to move forward, stay positive, and achieve our goals during the most difficult of economic times. Both passionate and pragmatic about his field, Kevin goes above and beyond, consistently exceeding our expectations.

Phyllis O’Neill, Owner, Edu-Culture Immersion

Kevin is one of those guys who always over-delivers. He has just finished producing an outstanding website for me which has been getting great feedback. Kevin found the very best way to present the work and really knows what he is doing with both design and SEO. He is a total pleasure to work with because he cares about what he is doing.

Armand Attard, Filmmaker & Photographer, Armand Attard Films

Kevin recently spoke to our International Summer School’s students. He gave an enlightening and entertaining recap of lessons learned from early days at SINC through to his role as owner of Blue Light. The students agreed it was one of the highlights of their summer school.

Shova Thapa Karki, Lecturer, University of Sussex

Kevin has consulted with us on the Fulbright Commission website since 2006. Like many non-profits, we often have bigger ambitions than we have the time or budget to bring to life! Kevin has been a lifesaver—helping me see the forest for the trees so to speak.

Presented with a long wish list of improvements for our website and social media, he helped us break the list down into bite-sized, manageable projects; develop sensible strategies to deploy our internal resources; and put systems in place to improve our online comms in a sustainable way.

Kevin clearly has a strong technical background, keen business sense and a great deal of experience, which he is happy to share freely with his clients—no secrets! And does so in layman’s term—no jargon! Oh, and he is friendly and fun to work with!

Lauren Welch, Director, Advising & Marketing, US-UK Fulbright Commission

Straight-talking and pragmatic, Kevin is a result driven SEO professional who provided invaluable expertise and guidance during my time at Geo Networks. He presented us with a clear and measurable set of objectives, which he took the time to document in a refreshingly simple and jargon free way. His step-by-step approach provided tangible results for the business—a real pleasure to work with.

Nadia Zehni, Search Marketing Manager, Dubizzle.com

Kevin recently spoke at an Enterprise Thursdays event for students, staff and the external business community at the University of Sussex. Kevin was offering advice and support for people that would like to set up their own online business. He has a real talent of explaining technical things in very simple, practical and understandable way. He was great on the panel and gave our students (and other members of the audience) some excellent hints and tips.

Sally Wright, Alumni & Development Team, University of Sussex

I hired Kevin to deliver a large web and SEO project when I worked for City College. He always had my best interests as a client at heart, constantly looking for ways to ensure I achieved the best return on my investment. He delivered a large, highly complex project, managing a lot of client internal politics with utmost diplomacy. All within deadline and budget. Kevin is honest, loyal and highly committed to his clients. He’s a great guy to work with—highly recommended!

Vernice Halligan, Director of Strategy, Natives